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iPhone 4 More Fragile Than Previous Versions, Study Shows

A study has found that Apple's iPhone 4 is more fragile than its predecessors.

According to a report released by SquareTrade, which provides insurance for electronic gadgets, there is 82 per cent more chance of an iPhone 4 getting damaged within the first four months of purchase when compared to the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

The company came to this conclusion after analysing 22,000 reports from iPhone 4 customers and 20,000 from those who owned iPhone 3G models.

Apple has used a glass pane to cover the iPhone 4's underside, deviating from the plastic cases that were found on iPhone 3G and 3GS.

At the time of the device's launch, Apple CEO Steve Jobs had claimed that the glass was 30 times harder than plastic.

However, the study found that around quarter of damage complaints pertained to a damaged iPhone 4 glass pane.

SquareTrade Marketing Vice President Vince Tseng, said in a statement to CNN: “The iPhone 4 is a more fragile device than its predecessors. The surface area ... which you can scratch or break has basically doubled.”