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Jobs more popular than Zuckerberg, shocka

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg may be the subject of a critically-acclaimed Hollywood film — The Social Network, but a new survey reveals he's not the entrepreneur Texas teens admire most.

The 2010 Teens and Entrepreneurship survey conducted by Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas and sponsored by Sam's Club finds Apple founder Steve Jobs tops the list of most admired entrepreneurs.

Nearly a third of respondents named Jobs as most admired entrepreneur, up from eighteen per cent in the 2009 survey, while Zuckerberg received thirteen per cent of votes, albeit up substantially from three per cent in the 2009 survey, possibly due to increased name recognition from the film.

The top five most admired entrepreneurs by Houston area teens were:

Steve Jobs (31 per cent), rapper Jay-Z close behind (30 per cent), media colossus Oprah Winfrey (19 per cent), music industry executive Russell Simmons (17 per cent) and skateboarder Tony Hawk (14 per cent).

Six-in-ten survey respondents expressed aspirations to start their own businesses someday with eighteen percent most interested in an entertainment business and ten percent in a technology-based business.

Qualities especially admired in these entrepreneurs were being successful in multiple fields(26 per cent) and making a difference in people's lives (19 per cent), wealth (14 per cent) and fame (10 per cent).