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Lovefilm confirms Playstation3 movie streaming

Sony and DVD-by-post outfit Lovefilm have confirmed that they are teaming up to provide a movie streaming service for PlayStation 3 users.

A leaked (and hastily pulled) YouTube video which did the rounds earlier this week hinted at the hook-up, but now it's all nice and official.

Lovefilm, which currently offers UK film fans a rental-by-post service based on a subscription, will soon be offering its library of more than 67,000 titles to anyone paying £5.99 a month or more. Cheapskates on the £3.99 package can, of course, upgrade.

Existing subscribers simply need to enter their login details once the Lovefilm channel goes live, no doubt as part of the next PS3 firmware update. New users will have to start from scratch here.

There's also a helpful video here if you want to know how the whole thing works.