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Microsoft Finally ‘Gets It’ With Windows Phone 7 Says Stephen Fry

"I never thought this day would come, to stand on this stage and praise Microsoft for doing something they can be proud of," said special guest Stephen Fry at the launch of Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 operating system.

An unapologetic Apple fanatic and Microsoft sceptic, Fry welcomed the new OS. "I'm no monotheist. I want biodiversity," he said.

Fry was quick to emphasise what he believes Microsoft has got right with its new platform - and what the software giant had been missing in its previous attempts.

"Now, they get it: that all human beings are human beings first,” he said. “You don't judge the machines you use, or the houses you live in by listing their functions. The first thing you do is say how you feel about your office; when you buy a house, you do it essentially on the feeling."

The initial Windows Phone 7 line-up looks impressive, and with the memories of the disastrous launch of its Kin devices now finally laid to rest, Microsoft may now be able to challenge once again in the smartphone market.

After all, as Fry exclaimed: “What joy there is in heaven when one sinner doth repent.”

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