Microsoft 'Working Hard' To Meet Demand For Kinect

Microsoft has announced that it is "working hard" to meet the overwhelming demand for the Kinect motion sensing gaming peripheral.

Retailers all over the UK are claiming that they have been receiving a vast amount of pre-orders for the peripheral ahead of its 10 November launch, with GAME, Amazon and Play stating that they have already run out of their initial allowance of Kinect devices.

Microsoft says that the company is working hard towards maintaining a steady supply Kinects throughout the Christmas holiday shopping season. It also says that it will be releasing more Kinect units to retailers than the previous Xbox launch.

A Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement to MCV: “Pre-orders have demonstrated that there is exceptional consumer excitement and demand for Kinect and we will continue to work hard to ensure that Kinect for Xbox 360 is available for the Christmas season.”

Experts had previously predicted that Kinect's high pricing will prove fatal to its sales, but now, it seems that they were wrong.