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Outgoing CEOP Chief Says Merger Will Put Children At risk

Outgoing CEOP chief Jim Gamble has criticised the UK government's decision to merge the child protection organisation with the National Crime Agency, claiming that the move will put millions of kids at risk.

Gamble had resigned from his post of CEO of CEOP after the government declared its intentions of merging his unit with the National Crime Agency.

He claims that if the unit is merged with the NCA, then child protection will not be prioritised when there are terrorist plots to foil and drug crimes to solve. Gamble once again highlighted the need of a specialised unit dedicated only to child protection, The Guardian reports.

Gamble also said that once the merger happens, the ISPs who used to track an offender's IP address for free, would charge a larger fee from the NCA for tracking IP addresses.

Kate and Gerry McCann, whose daughter Madeleine went missing in Portugal, and Sara Payne, the mother whose 8 year old daughter Sarah was murdered, are urging the government not to go ahead with the merger.

However, their pleas are falling on the deaf ears of UK Home Secretary Theresa May, who maintains that UK does not need another 'new quango' for child protection.