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Quest unveils iPad, 'Zero PC' software

Virtualisation specialist Quest has unveiled a new addition to its vWorkspace line, which adds support for Apple's iPad and what it calls "Zero PCs."

The new vWorkspace connector software adds support for Apple's increasingly popular iPad, which can now act as a thin client for virtualised hardware - meaning that, in essence, the iPad can 'run' Windows 7, Linux, or any other business-critical operating system to which users need access. Better still, the software can be installed on a user's personal iPad to give them access to software they need while they're in the office without the risk of them misusing that access when they're at home.

The bigger news from Quest, however, is the release of the vWorkspace Connector for Zero PCs - a concept that the company claims can save corporations cash and computers from the landfill.

The new connector allows vWorkspace users to re-purpose older hardware that doesn't quite cut the mustard into thin-client machines connecting to a central vWorkspace infrastructure - meaning that devices that don't make the grade for a Windows 7 upgrade can still 'run' the new operating system in much the same way as the iPad can.

As well as making use of old hardware that would otherwise have to be scrapped, a re-purposed 'Zero PC' would require virtually no maintenance, aside from an occasional spring-clean to prevent the fans from seizing up.

Simon Pearce, vice president of Quest's Desktop Virtualisation Group, claims of the new software release: "Quest is simplifying the introduction and use of iPads and other mobile devices, as well as extending the life of aging computers that allow IT departments to maximise value, especially those weighing the cost of PC upgrades for Windows 7."

If you want to get your hands on the vWorkspace Connector for Zero PCs, you'll want to check out the vWorkspace Community where it's being made available as a beta release. The iPad connector, however, is currently in a closed trial - although the company promises that it will appear in the App Store "soon."