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Sony Launches Google TV-Equipped Sets

Sony has unveiled a new line HD TV sets incorporated with Google TV technology, which aims to bring together both the internet and cable TV on one device.

The new Sony TVs will allow users to surf the web, stream online content, download and use apps, watch traditional cable TV and search for programs.

According to Sony, the new TVs will come with Wi-Fi support, and will run on Google's Android platform powered by an Intel Atom chip. Along with the TVs, consumers will also get a remote control, a keyboard and a mouse.

Beside the new range of Internet TVs, Sony has also launched a $400 Google TV set-top-box which will also double-up as a Blu-Ray player.

Sony is asking for $600 for the 24-inch starting model, and ramps-up to $1,400 for a 46-inch version.

The UK price for the TVs is yet to be announced, but Sony has said that they will be released in the US from 16 October.

Google has said that it plans to introduce a optimised version of Android Market for Google TV next year.