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Survey Shows 71 Per Cent Of Tweets Are Ignored

A new study has revealed that 71 per cent of tweets sent on Twitter don't get replies.

The study was conducted by a Toronto-based research firm Sysomos, which scanned 1.2 billion tweets sent on Twitter between August and September 2010, in order to determine what the Twitterverse was talking about.

According to Sysomos: “When a tweet generates a reply (aka @) or a retweet (aka RT), it suggests the tweet has resonated enough with someone that it sparks a conversation or encourages someone to share it with their followers.”

Based on this, the company found that 71 per cent tweets generated no reactions, that is a reply or a retweet, while 23 per cent got replies and 6 per cent were retweeted.

It was also found that 92 per cent of the retweets happened within the first hour after the original tweet was sent.

As far as replies are concerned, 85 per cent tweets got one reply, 10.7 per cent got 2 replies and 1.53 per cent got three replies.