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Twitter Targeting One Billion Users

Twitter, the world's third largest social networking platform, has vowed to hit the 1 billion users mark, in an attempt to challenge Facebook in advertising.

Co-founder Evan Williams said during a conference in San Francisco that the platform will soon have one billion users, allowing Twitter to offer advertisers a chance to run more effective advertising campaigns, reaching a vast number of people.

“Twitter will get to a billion members,” the co-founder declared.

However, it would be some time before the micro-blogging platform reaches the one billion user make. According to Twitter, there are around 165 million registered users on the platform, that send out more than 100 million Tweets every day.

Twitter's rival Facebook, on the other hand, is well beyond the 500 million user mark and is most likely to reach the one billion users mark faster than Twitter.

Facebook's rise to become the world's leading platform has been fraught with privacy issues and criticism from governments and users alike.

This has not stopped Facebook from using the massive amount of user data it has collected in order to expand its online ads business model.