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VMware GoPro Beta Launched To Help SMEs Move To The Cloud

Virtualisation software maker VMware has released the beta version of its Go Pro cloud deployment and management software to make it easier for small and mid-sized businesses to move to the cloud.

Most SMBs find it difficult to move to the cloud due to lack of in-house experience required for deployment and management of a cloud based system.

VMware is therefore moving to capatilise on the issue by releasing a software that will allow IT departments in SMBs, with no experience with the cloud, to easily shift their operation on the cloud.

According to VMware, Go Pro will significantly enhance the IT efficiency for the SMEs, who will be able to focus more on mission-critical operations, instead of worrying about the smooth running and security of their IT infrastructure.

The software, which has been jointly developed with Shavlik, is designed to offer built-in configuration templates, converter tools and compatibility checks capable of allowing IT administrators to easily create virtual machines.vmwav