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Xbox Kinect Officially Sold Out At GAME

UK retailer GAME has announced that it has sold out of the initial batch of Microsoft's upcoming Kinect motion gaming peripheral for the Xbox 360.

In an update posted on its website, the retailer announced that every unit of the first batch of Kinect devices have been reserved by consumers via pre-orders.

However, the retailer continues to take pre-orders, despite running out of stock, and has assured consumers that the product will be delivered based on a first come first serve basis.

“We’ve hit our limit for launch but you can still pre-order for a priority place in the queue. As soon as we have more stock in, we will make sure we get your order to you,” GAME said in the statement.

Kinect, which will be launched in the UK on 10 Novmber, is already receiving a huge number of pre-orders according to some retailers.

Microsoft's Kinect motion sensing device allows gamers to transform their body into a controller, via motion sensing and tracking technology, to play specialised Xbox 360 games.