Amazon Removes HTC Trophy From Site

Amazon has removed HTC Trophy from its UK page two days after listing it.

It came as a surprise when Amazon first offered the supposedly exclusive to Vodafone, Windows Phone 7-based smartphone for £429.99 SIM-free. The device was set to shipped on 11 November, the Amazon UK page had advertised.

Tech news site Pocket-Lint reports that the company has now removed the product from its list and acknowledged the incident by saying: “The HTC 7 Trophy is a Vodafone exclusive and the Amazon listing was posted in error,."

Interestingly, another UK retailer Expansys still has the device listed with the same price that Amazon was asking for it. It remains to be seen whether its a mistake or an actual release.

Vodafone, on the other hand, is offering the device for free with a £25 per month, 2 year long contract, in which users will get 300 free minutes, 500 MB of data download and unlimited free texts.