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Apple To Host Mac OS X Event Next week

Apple is planning a Mac-based event at its headquarters in Cupertino on 20 October, where the company is expected to offer a glimpse of the new Mac OS X.

The Cupertino-based consumer electronics giant has also sent out invitations to the event named 'Back to the Mac', which have given rise to the usual rumours and speculations that always precede major Apple announcements.

But the fact remains that Apple is gearing up to make some pretty big announcements at the upcoming Mac event. Apart from demoing a new Mac OS X, Apple might also unveil a new range of Macs.

Apple's next major OS release could be named Mac OS X: Lion, due to the image of a Lion behind the Apple found on the invitation.

Pundits are also suggesting that Apple might use this event to showcase a new range of Macs, as OS X has taken a back seat since the launch of 10.6 Snow Leopard, with Apple focusing on mobile products instead.

To keep up to date with the all the developments from the event, our sister site Thinq will be running a live blog as usual, so make sure you check in with them on the day.