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Dell $100 million fine confirmed

A US federal judge has approved a $100 million settlement brought against computer maker Dell for securities fraud.

Following a meeting at which the company's CEO Michael Dell had to persuade judge Richard Leon that he would never ever try to pull a fast one on the SEC ever again, honest yer honour, Dell himself was ordered to pay $4 million of his own money for his part in the shady shenanigans.

"I am fully committed to making sure that our company implements all the reforms it has undertaken", he told Leon according to an AP report. "We've continued to make a wide variety of improvements. ... We will certainly live up to all the commitments in the settlement."

Dell and his company were accused of cooking the books to over-value the company's worth between 2001 and 2006, but neither admitted nor denied wrongdoing, electing instead to cough up the cash.

In America paying out huge sums of money to prevent yourself having to go to prison is called a settlement. In the rest of the world it might be called a bribe, but if a court approves it, it must be above board.