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EMC Unveils Greenplum Technology-based Data Storage System

Storage equipment maker EMC has rolled out a new data warehousing appliance, designed to allow organisations to process vast amounts of information.

According to EMC, the Greenplum Data Computing Appliance is based on the massively parallel processing technology developed by Greenplum, which was acquired by EMC sometime back.

The company claims that the new appliance is more efficient at handling large quantities of data than its competitors, compiling massive amounts of information every hour.

EMC said that a single rack from the Greenplum appliance was capable of compiling 10 terabytes of data every hour.

The company will be marketing the new appliance to large organisations that have to process massive amounts of data in order to use it for their own benefit.

Scott Yara, the vice president of products at EMC, said in a statement to PC World: “Machines sitting on the network or on the Web are generating much more data than humans ever could. All the mobile phones, sensor networks and routers are pouring off millions of events each day.”