Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack DLC Announced

Microsoft has announced the details on the first DLC pack for Halo: Reach, set to be launched next month.

The ‘Noble Map Pack’ is set to include three new multiplayer maps, Tempest, Anchor 9, and Breakpoint and will be available to download from Xbox Live Marketplace from 30 November for 800 Microsoft Points, the Escapist Magazine reports.

Tempest is set planetside and near the shore. It will contain two abandoned bases and will support 8-16 players at one time.

Breakpoint is also set on-planet, but inside a set of archaeological labs. It will also support 8-16 players.

Anchor 9 is the only off-world map, set in amongst an orbital space docking station. It will support up to 8 players.

All three maps will be accessible to fight over in a variety of multiplayer game modes and will come with new acheivements that could increase players Gamerscores by 250 points.