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iPhone And Android Threatening RIM's Enterprise Dominance

Apple and Google are threatening Research in Motion's dominance of the enterprise smartphone market, as more and more employees are forcing their companies to support platforms other than BlackBerry.

The domination RIM has held in the smartphone is mainly because of the presence BlackBerry used to have in companies due to the gold-standard security it offered and high level of mobility it offers.

But gone are the days when companies forced their employees to use BlackBerry devices at work. Now companies are being forced by their employees to support Apple and Google's Android platform as they increasingly bring their personal devices to work, Cnet reports.

Rusty Yeager, deputy chief information officer of HealthSouth, told CNET: “We've always been a BlackBerry house. But we recently started to dip our toe into supporting other platforms. Our employees and some of our doctors are really pushing us to support iPhones, iPads, and Android device.”

Similarly, other companies are meeting the demands of their employees who want to have a single phone for work and home in a turn of events that may see RIM starting to feel less secure in the enterprise smartphone market than it once did.