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LG Launches World's Largest 3D LED Backlit TV

LG has launched the world’s largest 3D LCD TV, the LG 72LEX9, which offers 72 inches of pure 3D home entertainment.

According to tech news site TechEye, the massive 3D TV comes with True-Motion LED backlit display with a 480Hz refresh rate, compliance with DLNA and even supports web TV offered by NetCast.

However, the TV is designed for people with mammoth living room, because of the sheer size of the TV set. Another problem that LG will have for 3D television to take off is that there is currently not that much 3D content around for people to watch.

UK broadcasters Sky and Virgin Media have recently launched their 3D channels, while 3D enabled Blu-ray players and 3D movie titles are finding their way to the living room. Companies are also pushing into the 3D gaming sector, with Sony offering support for 3D gaming on its PS3 consoles.

The TV is expected to be released in South Korea first, and be rolled out across the rest of the world during the second quarter 2011. No price has yet been announced for the device.