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Managed printing services help cut costs

You want to print. You buy a printer, right? Well... not entirely. Because a growing number of businesses are discovering the benefits of paying for their print as a managed service.

Managed print services (MPS) change the way in which companies purchase and lease their printing and imaging hardware, from printers to all-in-one multifunction devices, scanners and copiers.

Unlike more conventional contracts to lease IT hardware, MPS involves outsourcing not only hardware, software and supplies, but also servicing and support.

So why the change? Because MPS allows businesses to have what they want, when they want. It begins by taking stock of a company's existing printing and imaging needs, and looking at ways in which its fleet can be optimised.

Printers, copiers, scanners and faxes can be replaced with a smaller number of multifunction print printers (MFPs), which combine all of these functions into a single unit, reducing costs. And MFP lets companies increase, reduce or reconfigure their fleet as their needs change.

Installation is taken care of, leaving in-house IT staff to concentrate on work that can help build the business. And with end-to-end management of the supply chain for consumables such as paper and ink cartridges, MFP can remove the everyday burden of managing a company's print infrastructure.

This can include crucial compliance responsibilities under legislation such as the European Waste Electronic and Electronic Equipment regulations, by responsibly handling the disposal and recycling of cartridges and equipment.

With companies such as Merck reporting that MPS has reduce their spend on infrastucture by us much as 40 per cent, and communications giant Viacom cutting the energy consumed by its printer fleet by up to 60 per cent, it's clear that MPS can take the hassle out of printing - and let companies get on with doing what they do best.

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