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Manchester Police Posting Days Incidents On Twitter

The Greater Manchester Police Department is using micro-blogging platform Twitter to make the public aware about the kind of situations it has to deal with every day.

As part of this new PR stunt, the police will be posting every emergency call it gets on Twitter for 24 hours, and has started doing so since 05:00 BST this morning.

The Twitter feeds have generated an immense amount of interest from the members of the public as the Twitter account has managed to gain 12,000 followers since being set up.

Chief Constable Peter Fahy, said in a statement to The Register: “Policing is often seen in very simple terms, with cops chasing robbers and locking them up. However, the reality is that this accounts for only part of the work they have to deal with.”

Because of restrictions imposed by Twitter, the police department has had to set up separate accounts - @gmp21_1, @gmp21_2 and @gmp21_3.

Some of the most interesting calls received by the police department since morning include: "Call 686 "Man shouts 'you're gorgeous' to a woman", "Call 674 "Confused man reports his TV is not working", and a call from a man asking the police to break into his own house as he was locked out.