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Microsoft Deepens Search Ties With Facebook

Microsoft’s Bing search engine and social networking platform Facebook have announced a new set of features set to provide users with a true social search experience.

According to the companies, Bing will now power the searches made on the social networking platform. The move is a huge upset for Google, which is has been in long term negotiations with Facebook to share data.

Microsoft also said that its search engine will now offer an enhanced social experience for social users on Bing.

Satya Nadella, the senior vice president of Microsoft’s online division, wrote on a blog post: “We will enable a great search experience for people queries, by bringing in information from your Facebook friends and people who share networks with you.”

The new features include the ability to search for the Facebook profiles of people a user may know on Bing and the ability send messages to the person directly from the Bing page. The companies also said that Bing will show what a user’s friends have liked on the web.