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MIPS picked up by Iunika

Spanish mobile computing outfit Lunika has announced it will be launching a full line-up of mobile computing devices, including laptops, netbooks and e-books, based on MIPS32 1004Kf and 1075Kf Coherent Processing Systems.

MIPS' 1074Kf CPS architecture provides up to 1.5GHz clocks on one to four cores, with a typical dual-core configuration sipping just 0.64W(@1.5GHz) for the processing unit. This is the first 'done deal' MIPS has scored since it announced the 1074Kf CPS a few weeks ago, and the first that follows the low-power e-book, netbook and eventually, tablet computing trends.

MIPS Technologies reckons its 1074Kf and 1004Kf CPSs can give Intel a run for its money and Atom, when compared to current netbook technology.

The new product line-up will also include the company's trademark software and hardware-based feature set. The OS, named Oxygeen (MeeGo-derived), PaBo (hardware-based parental control), Versastyle and Ozone (a bunch of web-based services that remind us of Chrome OS) are amongst the company's developments.

From what we understand - let's just say things are still sketchy on the software integration side - Lunika will be using a port of MeeGo on the MIPS32 1074Kf CPS, however, it will also be capable of running Android OS.

The company fashions itself as a green computing venture and counts amongst its devices a solar-powered netbook - the Gyy Solar - and bioplastic building materials. While it is largely a regional vendor, Iunika does have some interesting concepts that might be worth looking into.

Availability of the new line-up was not disclosed, but based on previous announcements, a mid-2011 launch seems to be likely.