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Opera Mobile Coming To Android Within A Month

Opera Software has announced that the its popular Opera Mobile web browser will be released for Android-based devices within a month.

The company already offers its Opera Mini browser on Android devices, which processes the web pages on Opera's servers before sending them to the phone, resulting in low data charges. However, users are not able to stream video.

The Opera Mobile web browser on the other hand, acts like a traditional desktop browser and renders high quality JavaScript performance.

According to a blog post made by the company, the Opera Mobile for Android will come with two new features, namely hardware acceleration and pinch-to-zoom.

The hardware acceleration feature will allow the web browser to use the full power of the phone's hardware to offer lightning speeds while surfing the web.

“Hardware Acceleration allows us to do amazing things like full pinch to zoom for all sites. It also allows us to have a more fluid interaction with the phone, improving your browser experience!” the company explained.

The new pinch-to-zoom will allow users to zoom to the text of their choice and choose their own level of zoom like on the desktop version of the web browser.