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Samsung Galaxy Tab Being Tested On The Tube

Samsung is offering its upcoming Galaxy Tab media device to a few Londoners wanting try out the device while travelling through the London Underground.

The initiative is a part of Samsung's plans to generate a buzz around the device and demonstrate how easy it is to carry and use.

The company is distributing the device on a two week-loan basis from Tube stations in Liverpool Street, Balham, Highbury & Islington and Ealing Broadway. The device will be launching in the UK in November.

The Galaxy Tab runs on the Android operating system and is being touted as the first actual competitor to Apple's mighty iPad. The device looks like to a heftier version of Samsung's highly popular Galaxy S smartphone but is packed with some interesting new features that are somehow absent from the iPad.

Samsung managing director Simon Stanford, said in a statement to The Register: “The portability of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of its key features - you can literally fit it in your pocket or your handbag so it's great for people who spend time commuting to and from work each day.”