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Samsung Mass Producing 3bit, 20nm 64GB NAND Chips

Samsung has announced that it is now mass producing its 3-bit-per cell, 64Gbit NAND flash chip, which can be used to create smartphones, SD memory cards and solid state drives.

According the Samsung, the new NAND flash chip, that uses circuits that are 14 percent smaller than those found on previous models, offers better performance by using Toggle DDR (Double Data Rate) 1.0 specifications.

Seijin Kim, vice president of Flash Memory Planning/Enabling at Samsung Electronics, said in a statement: “By now entering into full production of 20nm-class, 64Gbit, 3-bit devices, we expect to accelerate adoption of our high-performance NAND solutions that use Toggle DDR technology, for applications that also require high-density NAND.”

In an e-mailed statement to Computer World, the company also said that the new chips will be used in USB drives and memory cards. The 20nm or nano meter class circuitry used by Samsung for the new chips is the densest circuitry ever used.

For perspective, a 25nm NAND flash circuitry is designed to be 3000 times thinner than a strand of human hair.