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Samsung takes Flash NAND lead

Serial-fabricator of semiconductor chips Samsung, has launched its new 64Gbit 3-bit Flash NAND cells built on a 20nm fabrication process.

According to the company, this represents a titillating 60 per cent savings in size over last season's 30nm process as well an increase in performance due to the introduction of Toggle DDR (1.0) technology.

Toggle DDR is currently the big thing in Flash interfaces and allows up to 133Mbps of throughput, per chip/per channel and is three times as fast as the technology it replaces, SDR NAND, while operating at almost half the voltage, adding up to savings in power consumption.

The chips will be built in densities as high as 64Gb (8GB) and will allow Samsung - if it wishes - to market SSDs with twice the capacity of the previous generation, at approximately the same production cost. Samsung promises it will bung it in a device near you very soon.

Last quarter, Samsung Electronics already had a comfortable lead in NAND sales, with 40.4 per cent of a global $4.78bn Flash NAND market, according to DRAMeXchange. This quarter, with huge demand for items such as the iPad and Samsung's own Galaxy Tab, it should outdo itself quite handsomely and rake in the cash.