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Three Announces Completion Of 3G Network Upgrade

Three has completed the 3 year upgrade of its UK-wide 3G network and has also released some interesting facts to mark the occasion.

According to the company, the expansion process has allow it to cover around 97 per cent of Britain's population. The company announced the end of the upgrade by installing and connecting the 12,400th cellular site, The Inquirer reports.

Three said that it took around 8.5 million man hours ,involving 3,300 engineers in order to finish the process, which also resulted in some 10,000 transmission cables and microwaves being upgraded in the past one year.

The company said it managed to expand its network, not by adding more electrical masts, but working with local utility services providers to share their infrastructure.

Kevin Russell, CEO of Three UK, said in a statement to The Inquirer: “Smartphone and Mobile Broadband use is exploding and we have built a 3G network that reaches further than ever before, as well as bringing more capacity into urban areas where our customers need it most.”