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UK Government To Spend £1 Billion On Cyber Security

UK Prime Minister David Cameron will allocate over £1 billion towards strengthening Britain's cyber defences.

Citing sources within Whitehall, The Register reported that the PM will allocate the funds under the Strategic Defence and Security Review.

According the Reg's sources, a major chunk of the budget will be driven towards enhancing what they are calling 'active defence' capabilities against cyber attacks on the country's critical infrastructure.

The active defence tactics involves developing sophisticated Distributed Denial of Service attacks against the attackers and methods to gain control over Command-and-control servers that direct attacks. The Cabinet Office has been reviewing the legal implications of such methods for more than a year.

The sources also said that GCHQ will be the control centre for Britain's new cyber security measures.

The billion pound founding will also benefit the military, which will be setting up US-inspired cyber command centres which will include trained officials who will be responsible for defending UK's military network against cyber attacks.