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Video Chat On The Rise In US, Pew Survey Shows

A new Pew survey has revealed the rate at which people are adopting to video calls from desktops and mobile devices.

According to the survey, conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 19 per cent of US adults have made a video call or have had video chat on their desktop or mobile phone device.

Out of this 19 per cent, 17 per cent have made a teleconferencing call using a desktop computer while 6 per cent have made a video call from their mobile devices.

However, further studying of the data revealed that there has been an increase of only 3 per cent in the number of people using video calls in the US.

Pew said that 34 per cent of US internet users whose households had an annual income of $75,000 engaged in video calls, while only 18 per cent of internet users with income below $75,000 did so.

The survey also highlighted that older people seem to be catching up to the latest online trend, with around 15 per cent of internet users aged 65 years or older had video conversations.