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Celebrity Stalking Site Launches

A website that tracks the location of celebrities in real-time is on the verge of being launched in the US.

The website,, sources celebrity sightings from platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Foursqaure, and plots their location on Google Maps for their fans to see.

The makers of the website claim that they aim to allow fans to make a psychological connection with the celebrities, rather than a physical one.

The controversial website has been criticised by celebrities and industry insiders, who claim that it could put celebrities in danger from crazed stalker-fans. However, the makers of the website say that the information displayed on the platform will not be close enough to real-time to allow people to stalk the celebrities.

Before this, another celebrity tracking service, Gawker Stalker Maps, was forced to shut down after major Hollywood celebrities like George Clooney launched a campaign against it.

Celebrity publicist Max Clifford, said in a statement to The Independent: “There are a lot of very funny people out there. If they are going to be able to easily know where celebrities are then there is a chance it puts them at risk.”