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Chertoff Calls For Nations To Define Rules Of Cyber War

A security expert has asked the world's nations to chart out the rules to counter cyber attacks on a country's infrastructure.

Speaking during the RSA security conference, former head of the US Department of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff said that the rules of engagement for responding to a cyber terrorist attack should be formed as soon as possible, the BBC reports.

He argued that countries should be able to counter-attack if a cyber attack threatens to destroy human lives.

Chertoff suggested the formation of a global doctrine, similar to the one which was formed during the emergence of nuclear weapons, suggesting that cyber warfare could cause as much destruction as a nuclear warhead.

“The greatest stress you can have on security is when there is uncertainty. We are now in a state of uncertainty. If we do not address it then we are going to be confronted by an event that's so catastrophic that it cannot be shrugged off,” he said.