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Duke Nukem: Next Gen Project given Go-ahead

A fan-made remake of the 1996 classic Duke Nukem 3D has been given the go ahead by the original makers and copyright holders of the video game.

The remake of the cult classic, named Duke Nukem: Next-Gen will feature a revamped version of the game which uses the technologies behind games like Gears of War and BioShock.

The project has been undertaken by Frederik Schreiber and his team, which sent a mocked up version of a Duke Nukem 3D test level and some pictures to the founders of 3D Realms, which built the original game.

Gearbox Software, which is making the Duke Nukem Forever game, played a major hand in giving Frederik Schreiber the go-ahead with the project.

Frederik Schreiber and his team has already started working on the game and have also started looking for coders, artists and animators to help with the game.

Schreiber said (opens in new tab): “The final full game, will be released "When its done" (No kidding). But we wont hold back the experience, until the final game gets released. We want to ensure that the entire community will play a part in testing the product in different phases.” monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.