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GMP Hail 24 Hour Twitter Feed As Success

Greater Manchester Police has claimed that its move to highlight to the public what it has to deal with every day has proved to a huge success.

The GMP had decided to post the details of every emergency calls it received over a 24 hour period on micro blogging platform Twitter.

The motive behind the PR stunt was to the make the people aware of the kind of situations the police had to deal with every day.

The calls posted by the police on the platform ranged from grave reports of rape and assault, to the more incredulous ones like a man asking them to break into his own house.

GMP Chief Constable Peter Fahy, said in a statement to The Press Association: “We have tried to give a serious message about transparency and how we get that out to the public. As well as serious crimes, we deal with many social issues and other incidents that the public are quite surprised about.” monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.