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Google Q3 Profit Soars 32 Per Cent

Google has posted strong third quarter financial results, causing its share price to rise by 9.6 per cent in after hours trading.

The search giant's financial results are better than what many Wall Street analysts had predicted, and were fuelled mainly by the success of its mobile and online advertising business.

The company's net income increased by 32 per cent to $2.17 billion, or $6.72 per share in the third quarter.

Google's earning from sales, minus what it pays to partner websites, was $5.48 billion, higher than what analysts at Bloomberg had predicted.

Its share price fell $2.37 to $540.93 in regular trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market, but after the financial results were announced it soared to $592.82 in extended trading.

Revenue from mobile and online advertising business was $1 billion and $2.5 billion, respectively.

Google's Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette said: “The digital economy is running on its own path. It is growing very rapidly, and we are participating in that space.”