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MPAA-run site hacked by Anonymous, a site run by the Motion Picture Association of America and designed to advise consumers about matters regarding DRM, has become the latest victim in Anonymous' Operation Payback.

Rather than the familiar site assuring customers that the copy protection system found on Blu-ray and DVD discs is there for their safety and convenience, visitors to are now treated to a pirate ship in full sail and a manifesto from the hacker group Anonymous.

In the missive, Anonymous makes the claim that the MPAA et al are "forcing our hand by ignoring the voice of the people," and warns: "You have ignored the people, attacked the people and lied to the people. For this, you will be held accountable before the people, and you will be punished by them."

After a few seconds, the site then forwards users to The Pirate Bay, a popular destination for those looking to download content - copyrighted or otherwise - from peer-to-peer filesharing service BitTorrent.

The hack, which had still not been repaired by site admins at the time of writing, was first spotted by Enigmax over on TorrentFreak, and is the latest offensive in Operation Payback - an attack on anti-file-sharing groups that has seen private e-mails from anti-P2P lawfirm ACS Law posted publicly and sites including The Ministry of Sound taken down under distributed denial of service attacks.

It is not known how Anonymous was able to overwrite the site, but as the group itself says: "We will not stop. We will not forget. We will prevail. We are anonymous." monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.