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News Of The World Disappears Behind Paywall

The News of the World is now implementing a paid subscription model for its revamped website.

The newspaper is a part of the News International publishing house, which also owns The Times and the Sunday Times, which both moved behind a pay-wall back in June.

The inclusion of News of the World in the paid subscription model means that, of all News International UK publications, only The Sun remains free for online news readers.

From now on, people accessing the News of the World website for online news content will to pay £1 for a 24 hour access window and £1.99 for a four week subscription.

The relaunched News of the World website will also feature the website for its weekly entertainment magazine, Fabulous.

The News of the World iPad app will be launched soon, with users having to pay a weekly fee of £1.19 for accessing content.

The company informed that the website will feature a new reader called Quick Flick and an improved video player.