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Skype 5.0 with group video calls has arrived

Version 5.0 of Skype for Windows is available now but Mac users will have to wait a while yet.

The announcement of the release was followed by such a barrage of comments from angry Mac users demanding an OSX release that the VoIP outfit was forced to cobble together a hasty promise to put things right.

In the statement, Skype's Peter Parkes said, "You may have noticed that we've just launched a new version of Skype for Windows, and I wanted to reassure you that our previous statement still stands: we're working hard to deliver group video calling to the Mac as quickly as possible."

Parkes says the Mac version of the Internet telephony and instant messaging software will get a complete overhaul of both its UI and functionality, but stopped short of offering any kind of release date.

The Windows version now has Facebook integration and group video calls, if your hardware and connection can handle the additional bandwidth.

You can get the latest Windows version here, but at time of posting the servers are currenlty overloaded and we're hearing reports that the download sometimes defaults to the previous 4.2 iteration. Skype says it is working on the problem.