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Texas Instruments opens first Chinese fab

Chip maker Texas Instruments has strayed farther away from the Lone Star State than ever before, opening its first fab in China this week.

The 120,000 square foot fab - purchased from Cension Semiconductor Manufacturing Company - is a fully-prepped 200mm manufacturing facility, which TI claims will support manufacturing capable of driving more than £620 million in annual revenue.

For future growth, the fab also comes with another 134,000 square feet of spare space should the company find itself needing to expand its China operations.

The 200mm manufacturing facility, based in the Chengdu High-Tech Zone, will be used to bolster the company's analogue production capacity for the Chinese OEM market.

Speaking at the opening, senior vice president Gregg Lowe stated: "TI has been committed to serving the China market for 25 years. Increasingly, customers there are using TI's analogue chips for the real-world functions in their electronic applications. This fab in Chengdu will strengthen our ability to support customers' growing requirements and deliver analogue products when and where customers need them."

Terms of the deal with Cension Semiconductor were not provided.