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Windows Phone 7 Could Challenge Android, Analysts Predict

Microsoft's newly launched Windows Phone 7 platform might be successful in slowing the rise of Google's Android operating system, analysts predict.

According to eWeek, analysts who have used the Windows Phone 7 platform claim that its improved UI and Microsoft's quality control standards are enough to give Android a run for its money.

Google's Android OS, launched 2 years ago on a single handset accompanied by merely 50 applications, has risen to threaten the dominance of Apple and RIM, with more than 60 smartphones and 90,000 applications.

Analysts say that if Android can do it, so can Windows Phone 7, which was launched this week with much fanfare. Microsoft is offering the smartphones based on Windows Phone 7 in the US and European markets teaming up with a lot of carries.

Jack Gold, a prominent industry analysis, told eWeek: “I expect that of all the systems out there, WP7 would have the most impact on Android. Any marker share gain would likely be at the cost of Android, and not Blackberry or iPhone.”