China Introduces New Scheme To Combat Film Piracy

In an attempt to deal with the increasing menace of film piracy in China, the country's National Copyright Administration is planning to charge businesses for showing Chinese films in public.

According to the state run People's Daily, the National Copyright Administration has approved two regulations that would allow the China Film Copyright Association (CFCA) to collect royalties from internet cafes, flight operators and public transport operators for screening Chinese movies.

According to the regulations, the CFCA will start collection royalty fees from 1 January. The People's Daily reported that eight municipalities and provinces, including Beijing, Shanghai and Jiangsu, are to be affected by the policy.

However, the new regulations are yet to include foreign movies, which have been more equally affected by piracy in China.

A spokesperson for the CFCA told China Daily: “The new regulations target only Chinese movies this time.”

The China Film Copyright Association has 62 members and owns the majority of the domestic movies shown in China. As per the new regulations, they would keep 90 per cent of the royalties while the remaining 10 per cent will go to the CFCA as management fees.