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Google Celebrates Oscar Wilde With Doodle

Visitors to Google's homepage today will find a doodle of Dorian Gray, the death-defying icon created by Oscar Wilde, as the search giant celebrates the 156th birthday of one of the great authors of the 19th Century.

In other parts of the world, Google paid homage to Egyptian poet and language erudite, Ahmed Shawqi, who was born on the same day as Wilde but eight years later.

Both however enjoyed similar fortunes, with Wilde being vilified for being gay and a sodomite and forced to leave for France while Shawqi was forced into exiled in Southern Spain by the British forces.

The works of both were popularised after their death with a number of movies focusing on "The Picture Of Dorian Gray", the only novel published by Wilde which some may consider to be a pseudo-biography of the hedonism and wild life of the Irish man.

Those who haven't read the book can access "The Picture Of Dorian Gray" for free from Google Books.