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Samsung Rolls Out Galaxy S Android OS 2.2 Update

Samsung has confirmed that the Froyo update for the popular Galaxy S Android handset will be made available to owners of the device worldwide starting with Europe.

Indeed, Galaxy S users in northern Europe have confirmed having already received the upgrade which means that the rest of the world should follow soon.

The Android OS 2.2 firmware is available though Samsung's proprietary software upgrade application called KIES which will have to be downloaded from here and is only available for Windows only.

The update will provide better performance, improved navigation applications and new features including voice-controlled GPS, faster performance and most importantly, Adobe Flash Player 10.1.

The next version of Android also known as Gingerbread is expected to be launched towards the end of the year with its software development kit likely to go public next week, nearly six months after Froyo was released.

The Galaxy S can be widely had for as little as £315 SIM Free, significantly cheaper than the iPhone 3GS or the HTC Desire.

Samsung said earlier this month that shipments of the phone have already reached five million since it went on sale 90 days earlier.