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Adobe To Release Acrobat X

Adobe has announced the launch the Acrobat X Pro PDF editing and creating tool, which will come up enhanced security and collaboration capabilities.

The latest version of Acrobat will come with a multitude of new features, including a Reading Mode and online sharing capabilities through

According to Adobe's Acrobat X Pro's product page, the new Reading Mode will let users maximise their screens and read PDF files and a presentation of PDF files easily. When the Reading Mode is activated, the Menus and Panels disappear to be replaced by a a slick looking floating navigation.

The online sharing option will allow users to upload large PDF files into their online Workspace at and share them with people within and outside their organisation.

The company also introduced quick file conversion functionality, which will allow them to convert Microsoft Office files to PDF and convert a PDF to Microsoft Excel.

The new software tool is expected to be shipped within the next 30 days and will cost $450 in the US.