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Angry Birds For Android Crashes GetJar

Android users scrambling to the download the newly launched Angry Birds game have caused a server outage at GetJar.

According to the mobile app store, the server outage was caused due to the massive download requests received by Rovio's highly popular Angry Birds game, which pits birds against pigs.

A message on the GetJar website read: “Dear visitors, GetJar website is experiencing temporary technical problems due to a totally unexpected[sic] high demand for the new free game Angry Birds.”

The game, which was initially made available for Android users at GetJar, will soon find its way to the official Google Android app store, Android Market.

The ad supported Android version, which will be available for free, comes with 150 levels and is 12 MB in size.

Meanwhile, GetJar has been criticised for not having appropriate measures to deal with a massive download demand. Neil Barton, the head of a web hosting company Hostway, said in a statement to PC Advisor: “Mobile services can be hard to benchmark and it can be difficult to estimate how many people will want to access the service.”