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Apple And Facebook CEOs Hold Dinner Date To Discuss Ping

Apple CEO Steve Jobs invited Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to his house for dinner to discuss Apple's Ping iTunes social network two weeks ago.

According to The L.A Times, a tipster saw two of the most influential and powerful CEOs in Silicon Valley having a stroll in the streets of Palo Alto a couple of weeks ago.

Apple launched its music oriented social networking platform Ping for its iTunes service without the much needed Facebook integration. Later, when asked about why Facebook stayed away from the platform, Jobs had said that the terms proposed by Facebook were too onerous.

Now, the two have met for dinner, probably to discuss Facebook's involvement in Ping.

A partnership between the two companies just might prove to beneficial for both the firms, especially Apple, as it should help increase uptake for Ping by Facebook users.

The details of the dinner are not available, but speculation suggests that Steve Jobs realises that Ping and iTunes could benefit a lot from Facebook and is trying the charm his way into a deal.