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Chilean Miners Rescue Causes Surge In UK Internet Traffic

According to data released by UK Internet Service Provider (ISP) Demon, internet usage increased by 26 per cent as people watched online videos of Chilean miners being rescued from the mine.

Overall, internet usage increased by 22 per cent on the day when the miners were supposed to the rescued.

On 5 August, due to a mining accident, 33 Chilean miners were found to be trapped hundreds of feet underground. The whole world watched as the for the next 7 weeks as rescuers struggled to find a way to bring back the trapped miners.

On 13 October, the world watched as the first miner Florencio Avalos reached the surface and was greeted by the Chilean president, his family and the rest of the world. The rescue operation took 22 hours and every trapped Chilean miner was rescued.

News portals and channels all over the world set up live feeds to broadcast the rescue operation, which lead to hundreds of people going online to watch it, thereby resulting in a spike in internet usage.