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Cut The Rope To Match Angry Birds' Success

Chillingo's new iOS game 'Cut the Rope' is being touted as the next Angry Birds, having received one million iPhone and iPad downloads within the first 10 days of its launch.

The new game app, which can be purchased for 59p for the iPhone or iPod Touch and £1.19 for the iPad, has become the fastest selling iOS app on the App Store ever.

The game revolves around overcoming obstacles to feed candy to a cute-looking creature called Om Nom. The game uses the laws of physics and has many levels.

Currently Cut the Rope is the number one paid game app on the App Store in US, Sweden, France, Germany and Finland.

The game is one its way to become the next Angry Birds games, whose recent Android launch caused GetJar servers to crash due to the massive demand.

Chris Byatte, the director of Chillingo, said in a statement to The App Whisperer: “Cut the Rope’s popularity has skyrocketed throughout recent days as fans eagerly share with others how addictive and fun the gameplay is on iOS devices.”