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Facebook Apps Leak User Details

Some applications on Facebook have been found to be capable of passing on identifiable user information to third parties, despite strict user privacy settings.

According to an investigation conducted by The Wall Street Journal, in what seems like a massive breach of privacy affecting tens of millions of users, some of the most popular apps on the platform have been giving sensitive user information to advertisers and internet tracking companies.

Even more startling is the fact that people who have imposed the strictest profile privacy settings have also been affected by the privacy breach. It is still not clear for how long this has been going on.

Collecting user data from social networking platforms is something that has been practised by web tracking companies for a long time now, who sell the data to advertisers so that they can create more targeted and effective advertisements.

A Facebook spokesperson said in a statement to WSJ that the company will soon come with ways to reduce the exposure of users' personal information to third parties.

“Our technical systems have always been complemented by strong policy enforcement, and we will continue to rely on both to keep people in control of their information,” the spokesperson added.