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Get Online Week campaign Kicks Off

The Get Online Week campaign to encourage 9 million Britons to embrace the internet has kicked off.

The campaign aims to help educate people of the benefits of having the internet in their lives.

Get Online Week will involve a number of educational events, being help at locations across the UK, promoting the use of the internet. The campaign has also roped-in celebrities who would be seen accessing the internet and explaining the benefits of getting online.

“Get online week is the biggest digital inclusion event to date with 3,000 events planned across the UK, helping 80,000 people to get online,” reads a notice on its website.

The main theme around which the campaign revolves is the fact that the internet can help people save money.

The campaign has sought help from numerous organisations and companies to work together to promote the web. According to the BBC, Google and McDonalds will be seen offering free training on house to use the web in Bridlington in Yorkshire, where one in every 5 people has never gone online.

Some of the other companies partnering for the Get Online Week include BT, Microsoft, Facebook, BBC, iTV, Sky and Mirror.